Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Korea have divided into two countries at 38`N after WW∥. North Korea is a communism country and South Korea is a capitalism country. People live there are almost Korean. These two countries should be brothers, however, it is totally reverse in fact.

topic sentence 1: Their natural environment and climate are not quit similar.

topic sentence 2: They often have different opinions about many things.


One of the benefits to legalize drugs is that the government can get more tax from them. As the government gets more tax, people can have more welfare from the country. The welfare include some public construction like high speed way, and some personal welfare like health insurance.
Another is that the black market selling will decrease, so there will be less illegal trade. Now days, people usually get drugs from black markets, and this have made illegal trades. If the government legalizes drugs, the black market selling will reduce, even disappear.
The other benefit is that there will have less prisoners. Supposing drugs has been legalized, there won't be illegal to take drugs,so there won't have the prisoners because of taking drugs. And as the crime rate cut down, our society will become more safety than ever.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Should we have the death penalty? Many human rights groups have asked many countries to abolish the death penalty, but most of the victims’ families don’t agree with that. Many victims’ families say they are afraid of that if the criminal is entitled to apply for parole it will allow them to get revenge. In Taiwan, there are still 44 criminals haven’t done the death penalty.What do you think, should we abloish the death penalty?
Body1:We souldn't waste our money to feed them in the jail.

Body2:Doing death penalty can comfort the victims and protect them.

Bosy3:Some people who are sentenced to death have said that they would rather die than serve a life sentence.