Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Korea have divided into two countries at 38`N after WW∥. North Korea is a communism country and South Korea is a capitalism country. People live there are almost Korean. These two countries should be brothers, however, it is totally reverse in fact.

topic sentence 1: Their natural environment and climate are not quit similar.

topic sentence 2: They often have different opinions about many things.


One of the benefits to legalize drugs is that the government can get more tax from them. As the government gets more tax, people can have more welfare from the country. The welfare include some public construction like high speed way, and some personal welfare like health insurance.
Another is that the black market selling will decrease, so there will be less illegal trade. Now days, people usually get drugs from black markets, and this have made illegal trades. If the government legalizes drugs, the black market selling will reduce, even disappear.
The other benefit is that there will have less prisoners. Supposing drugs has been legalized, there won't be illegal to take drugs,so there won't have the prisoners because of taking drugs. And as the crime rate cut down, our society will become more safety than ever.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Should we have the death penalty? Many human rights groups have asked many countries to abolish the death penalty, but most of the victims’ families don’t agree with that. Many victims’ families say they are afraid of that if the criminal is entitled to apply for parole it will allow them to get revenge. In Taiwan, there are still 44 criminals haven’t done the death penalty.What do you think, should we abloish the death penalty?
Body1:We souldn't waste our money to feed them in the jail.

Body2:Doing death penalty can comfort the victims and protect them.

Bosy3:Some people who are sentenced to death have said that they would rather die than serve a life sentence.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

3/25/10 Herman

Can students eat food in thr class? Many students may have this question.But can you image many student eating , drinking and no one pay attention on teacher. That's really rediculous.When you're eating something concentrate on what teacher talking about .Resrticting student's eating right can help student learn mroe thing.

Acorrding to expert's report,your blood will go to your stomach when you're eating there is fewer blood in your brain.You can't concentrate on teacher ,you will miss some inportant idea .You need to spend more time after class.

A lots of student daon't have public spirits.When they finished their food,they just throw trash on the class floor.This terrible behavior makes learing enviorment.Bad enviorment will lead student to unconcentrate.

Maybe restrict student's right will let student angry,but it's good for student.I worth to do.


No matter in which country, there are many people arrested under drugs. Drugs can be used in lots of way, like being an anesthetic for operation or to inspire the feeling. Though drugs can be used for the good purpose, most of people don't use them in that way. For this reason, most people might think it's dangerous to legalize drugs, however, if the government legalizes drugs, we also get some benefits from it.


In a sexual open society, millions of parents abandoned their newborn children. Some of them even sold their babies as products. They did these for several reasons, like poverty, congenital diseases or hatred. Without families beside them, most of the kids chose a violent and miserable life. It was a vicious cycle in the modern world, but with the abortion, we can prevent many tragedies. We should allow abortion to happen for children trade, less social problems and reducing the number of irresponsible parents.


In our society, most of the people can not accept the Dealth Penalty being abolished. For example, we can not allow someone who killed our family but beyond the arm of law. It is unfair for the victim and victims' family. And also means that the laws can not really ptotect the people at all. Because of those reasons, it is apparent that the Death Penalty should not be abolished.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Should a criminal who did something really bad like kill someone be killed? we can put them in the jail forever, but we have to pay money to feed them. Doing death penalty can also comfort the victims. If one day the criminal is entitled to apply for parole, maybe the criminal will allow the victims to get reverge.Some people who are sentensed to death said that they would rather death than life sentence .Because of the security, and what criminals said, I agree the death penalty.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


After the historic vote on March 21,2010, the House of Representatives passed the health care bill. On a 219-212 vote, President obama won a great victory. He successfully replaced the current helth care system with a new national system of health insurance. Though there are many sounds that opposited to the bill, but it surely brought many Americans a better enviroment of the health care in 3 ways.


Nowadays, many students have fewer time to prepare for their tests. So they study hard until one or two o'clocks. It will not only let them feel difficult to focus on their studying but also harm their health. In order to increase the efficiency of studying, it is better for them to go bed not too late but get up earlier.


Imaging going to school four days a week and take a one day break on Friday. It must be many students’ deepest desires; however, it’s not just a dream anymore. For the purpose of decrease the education expense, the US government had decided to let schools choose whether to change or not. In fact, without cutting the number of schooldays, there are still a couple of solutions to deal with the financial crisis in the US system.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


As opposed to married life, in single life you can decrease the money spent on other categories, such as child’s education, shelters, food and so on. According to the USDA’s study, the cost of raising a child is about $291,570 in middle-income family. With this money, you can improve your life quality and control your financial situation more freely. Single life is really a good way to save money.

It’s much easier to keep your freedom in single life. You can follow your desire (legal, of course) to do whatever you want and nobody would complain to you. Also, if you’re a messy person, you can throw dirty clothes on the floor, leave dirty dishes for a week and live in garbage for eternal. On the contrary, you may get a fight or kick out of the house for these reasons if you have a company. For those faithless people, remain single can switch their lovers day by day and don’t have to worry about employing a layer for divorcing. Being single is definitely a better choice for those who love liberty.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Abolishing the death penalty or not has been a very important issue these days. According to The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, people should have the right to live on, but when it comes to the victim or the families of the victims, it became a problem that cannot be solved easily by a single statute. In my opinion, I'll say that keeping the death penalty is the right choice.

Penalties not just tell people the way to solve legal issues, but also be the warning of people not to do bad things. It tells the price of your behavior. Without the serious punishments, the law would be merely papers, it'll lose the power to control people's behave.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights says that the people have the right to live. But what about the victims' right? And if a person is life imprisoned, he/she still has the chance to be paroled, what about the publican's right to live and safety? It might be not humane, but a crime that caused the criminal to be sentenced death penalty might not be kind and gentle, either.

Somebody says that in the view of economic, executing cost more money than confining he/she in jail for the rest of his/her life. Indeed, the process of litigation cost money. But in my opinion, I'll rather pay more money to execute a vicious murderer, than pay less money to feed him/her, making sure his/her safety and health, waiting for he/she be paroled.

An eye for an eye, a life for a life. The death penalty is merely the price that you should pay for your crime. To those who always carry "humanity", "human's rights", well you could go talk about these with the victims' family. :)

Herman 3/11/10

Here is a miracle.there is a temple in the mountains.When Morokot typhoon hit Taiwan,the flood which carried rocks and soil came down from the mountain.everyone was worry the the temple would crash by the flood.But when the flood close the temple,but the flood turned it way like a big wall between flood and temple.

Some people who believe in God had a bad setback ,they don't feel very sad because they know Gog will help them . God give them great confidence to beat the blues.


You need to do many things that you do not usually have to do at home by yourself when you live in the domitory. For instance, washing clothes, washing dishes, sweeping and mopping the floor are what you need to do and no one would be willing to help you. All you have to do is to handle them by yourself not your parents.

It is easier to be distracted by other students in the dormitory. Such as, if other students do somethings but study, you can not pay attention to your homework and test. As a result, the efficiency of your study will decrease. So you need to spend more time to prepare for your homework than other students.

It is inconvenient for you to go wherever you want or what you need in the dormitory than at home. Like, you need some pencils for writing, only can you buy them when you go home. You are enables to go shopping with your friends or to go to cram school after a complex process. It is hard for many students to put up with the inconvenience of those things.

Anna 3/11/10

Do you go to a public school or a private school? Go to private school is much expensive than go to public school. There are more students in public school than in private school, so public school can perform more competitively. Because these reasons, I think go to public school is better than go to private school.

Body 1 Topic: The tuition
The tuition in private school is much expensive than public school, because it was “private”. But public school is established and maintained by the government, and teachers’ salary is paid by government, and many equipments of teaching are subsidized by government. But don’t think the education is worse than private school, the education in these two kinds of school are the same. That’s why the tuition in public school is cheaper.

Body 2 Topic: Perform competitively
In public school, there are many students, for example, there are about 1200 students in a grade in my school. In private school, there are much fewer students than in public school. Competition in public school is very intense, because there are so many students.

I think public school is better than private school, because the tuition, competition, and other reasons. In my opinion, I think private school’s education has nothing different from public school’s education. If you can get the same knowledge from private school or public school, why you have to pay more money to go to the private school?


Imagine walking into a movie. When you're sitting in the theater, you can almost touch the things on the screen. This is 3D. Making movies in 3D is a new kind of film technology nowadays. Watching movies in 3D really enhances the whole viewing experience.

As its 3D technology, 3D movies are not only good for us but also good for the cast and director. It can prevent illegal download because it needs a special 3D-glasses to watch. If you don't put on the 3D-glasses, then you could see nothing but a blur.

3D movie puts emphasis on sight. You could feel that you are just in the movie. Everything in the movie seems like real. You can also see the distance between this and that. Besides, you may have enough sleeping before watching it. Otherwise, you'll feel dazzling after a while.

Watching 3D movie with a large screen in the theater is a wise choice. Though it cost more than normal movies, you can get back more than the value you'd pay. That's why 3D movies are much-anticipated recently.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Herman 3/4/10

Are you belive God? Some say God is ture ,other say there is no God.This qestion has been discussed for more than 5000 years .No one can give the right anwser.though many atheism take the to bite theism ,but theism people also take miracle to strike back the scentist.As a proverd says "Man proposes and God disposes " We can know human just s little peice in the world ,we can't control everthing in this big world.

Those miracle you can see God is real,and he take care of us .God is kind ,he forgive those guys who don't belive him.Even the great scentist Albert Einstein is also believe God.Why don't those atheism prople throw their oppion away and lie on God hug? They will find how wonderful this world


Have you ever lived in the school domitory? If you have, you will know the following statement I show. In the dormitory, you need to do many things by yourself. Take washing clothes for example, other people may only use one finger to wash their clothes, but you need to use your two hands to finish it. Also, you cannot do what you want to do because you are in a group. So you need to follow the rule and do what everyone do instead. It is apparent that there are more shortcomings than benifits for me to live in the dormitory.

You may think that it is convenient for students to go to school without any transportation. But it is inconvenient to buy things you need or go to cram school. And it is boring to do things in a same pattern every night. If it is alright for the distance, I would rather live in home than live in the dormitory.


In some restaurants, foods are much expensive than other places only because they use the organically grown vegetables, instead of tasting more delicious. Though these meals cost more than its normal counterpart, many people are still willing to pay the price to get these foods. There is an old saying,"you get what you pay for." Organic foods are surely better than the tranditionally grown ones.

As you can see, there are many benefits to have the organic foods. Some people may complain about the higher cost of the orginic foods and choose the normal ones as they perfer without consider . If it is alright for the price, why not pay more but get the foods that are healthier and make less impact to the enviroment?



You may be surprised to find out that Brangelina rely on a relationship of boyfriend and girlfriend, since they had their third children in 2008. Still, none of them have considered of getting married. In modern world, there is a saying, “Marriage is the tomb of love”. It reflects the reality these days. Study shows that one out of six couples will divorce after married. So why not just remain single? Being single is much better than getting married obviously.


As you can see, being single provides not only freedom and the rise of money caplbility also less risk in the future. Though some people say marriage provides a more stable life, they can cohabit and have children. Without the astrict of marriage, couples can still live a happily-ever-after life as married ones.


In recent decades, many enviornment issue have been more and more serious. Not only about the pollution that make by human, but also the global problems which include global warming.In order to save our home, the only thing we can do is to cut down the pollution and decrease using every thing that might hurt the Earth.
The Earth is sick and very weak now, so we can't continue hurting it. We only have one Earth, it's our only home. Every one who lives on the Earth is responded to save this beautiful, blue, and warm planet. It's time to take action if you don't want to live on the terrible,hot, and dirty planet.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


What do you know about Un-Nan? Un nan is a very popular spot for sight seeing in China. Contrary to Beijing or Shanghai, Un-Nan has low population, thus it has beautiful natural scenery and landscape, and it's rich of natural resources. In fact, over 40 percents of people in Un Nan are ethnic minority. Furthermore, the ancients built the Da-Li nation in Un nan. There are buildings and historical relics from Tang, Song dynasty. Whatever you think about the People's Republic of China, Un-nan is a place worth touring.


Mother walks next door. Grandma rides a bicycle to the market. Father drives to his company. Sister takes the bus to school. Brother goes to the zoo by MRT. I go to Taipei by train. Grandpa goes to Japan by plane. All of these types of transportations are convenient, but the most useful form of transportation is the automobile.


Have you ever visited Sheng Kung Girls School ?Whether or not you have a bad opinion of Sheng Kung,I suggest you visit during your free time. Sheng Kung is not too big,but you can see students everywhere in the school.And the whole school is full of laugher and warm hug. It will warm your heart.So I would like to introduce the places in Sheng Kung that I like best.


Is it really good for high school students to have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Now a days, many teenagers have a boyfriend or girlfriend during high school, even during junior high school. Some parents think this is too early, but others say it's a good experience for teenagers. In fact, there are both good and bad effects on teenagers who have a boyfriend or girlfriend during high school.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The movie Avatar was released worldwide at the end of the year 2009and it made the people all over the world crowd into theaters to watch. It earned more than two billion US dollars and won the "Best Motion Picture Drama" in the 67th Golden Global Awards. Though the plot wasn't really special and there wasn't an all-star cast, three new technologies made it the best selling movie of all time.

Herman 2/18/10

Cheating is the worst thing that student can do.Cheating mayhelp your score,but won't concrete your study and then you can't stop cheating.Some students were good students before they started to cheat, but when they found cheating is easy way to get the high score,everyone started to cheat,all the time.In this way the test system broke down and has become aserious problem.We need to consider how this cheating problem is worse than before.


Every day, we see many people chatting on an iPhone, playing games with an iTouch, listening to music on a Nano, watching videos on an iVideo, or surfing the Internet with an iMac. Apple products have become trendy mostly because their incredible and useful functions attract not only teenagers but also adults. Now every Apple fan is anticipating the latest one:the iPad which will be debut in March, 2010. Following the footstep of other Apple products, three functions will make the iPad the most popular item in 2010.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Herman 2/18/10

I had't been paying attenion to my teacher in class,so whenth day of thr test arrived.I was worried.I was worried.That day was terribe. My teacher told me we had a big test.I didn't prepare for the test and I had not been listening in class.I thought there was just one way to pass that test:to cheat.In my class,every was taking the teset,but I was reading from a book under my desk. ThenI felt someone touch my shoulder.I saw teacher just standing there next to me. She told me to go to her office and she called my parents. I failed my test ,but I learned more than the knowlege test giving me.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

m2-Kiki 2/11/10

Since i got into sinior high,i've learn a lot of things and grown up.Besides the study,there are a great number of activities that we need to enjoy.It;s really busy,but what we paid back are more than just busy.We can always find the happiness in the busy.And what i love the most is join in the rock band!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Introduction: In our daily life, we can see many people chatting on iPhone, playing games with iTouch, listening to music with Nano, watching video on iVideo, or surfing the Internet with iMac. The Apple products has been a heat recently, it’s incredible and useful functions attract not only teenagers but also adults. Now every Apple fans are expected the latest one-the iPad which will be produced in March, 2010. Like other Apple products, three functions will make the iPad the most popular item in 2010.

Herman 2/11/10

Cheating is the worst thing when you are student.It make youget high score easily.You don't have to concerate for your study,and then you can't
stop cheating.Some students were thegood student before you started to
cheat,but when they found cheating is easy way to get high score.they started to cheat ,so the test system broke down.It was very important problem .We should think
cheating problem more serious than before.


When you were a student,did you wear a school uniform? If you are Taiwanese,I'm sure the answer will be "yes". When I wake up in the morning, I'll dress in my school uniform and quickly go to school.But if there weren't any school uniforms, maybe I would spend a lot of time finding clothes and be late for school. My school uniform has my school's name and my name on it, so it is easy to recognize who I am. There are still many students don't like to wear uniforms, because they think wearing uniforms isn't comfortable,fashionable or free. But in fact , there are some important reasons why wearing school uniforms is the right choice.


Introduction: Have you ever came to Sheng Kung ? Whether you have a bad opinion of Sheng Kung , I suggest you go there at your free time . Sheng Kung is not too big , but you can see students everywhere in school . And the whole school is full of laugher that can warm your heart . So I would like to introduce the places that I like in Sheng Kung.


The movie, Avatar, was released worldwide at the end of year 2009 and made the people all over the world crowded into theaters to watch the movie. It earned more than two billion US dollars and won the "Best Motion Picture Drama" in the 67th Golden Globe Awards. Though the plot isn't really special and there wasn't any big cast joining the filming of Avatar, three new technologies made it the best selling movie of all time.


Introduction:Is it really good for high school students to have boyfriend or girlfriend? In now days, many teenagers make a boyfriend or girlfriend during high school, even during senior high school. Some parents think it's too early, but other say it's an experience for teenagers. In fact, there are both good and bad effects on teenagers who have a boyfriend or girlfriend during high school.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


General statement:
Thesis statement:Playing in a rock band is kind of fun for me in several reason.

---Body 1

topic sentence:First reason is that music can really turn me into the good mood in any situation .

support-feel relax
-let the surrounding become colorful
-forget the pressure

---Body 2

topic sentence:Another reason is that we can have lots of special experiences .

support-settle the whole show by ourselves

---Body 3
topic sentence:The most important reason is that we can learn many things when playing the band.
support-knowledge of music
-how to match up with other player


Henry - 2/4/10



General Statement
Thesis Statement:
All of these types of transportations are convenient, but the most useful form of transportations is the automobile.

Topic Sentence:
Car is smaller than train or airplane.
1. go everywhere you want
2. go deep into the city

Topic Sentence:
It's bigger than motorcycle.
1. carry more things
2. people

Topic Sentence:
The most important is that almost everyone can buy it.
1. easy to find
2. cheaper than a plane or a train


Herman 2/4/10


genemal statemats

Thesis Statemats:I all of the worst thing in the world cheating is the worst.
Body 1.
Topic sentence:cheating is like durg

support 1.if you start to cheat .its difficult to stop may get happy fot a while. dont know what is your problem
Body 2 .

Topic Sentence: cheating maketest system shake
support 1.hard-working students dont get their reward
2.cheating student get more education resource than hard-working students .

Topic sentence: how to avoid cheating
support 1.test score cant be a standard with good or bad
2.personlality education is more important than score
3.dont rank


General Statements
Thesis Statement: There are three places that I like in Sheng Kung.
Topic Sentence: One place is the teacher 's office.
Support 1.always full of students
Support 2.feel warm
Support 3.much food
Topic Sentence: Another place is Holy Church.
Support 1.very silent
Support 2.calm down and relax
Support 3.write down my wish on the paper
Topic Sentence: The last place is my classroom.
Support each other
Support 2.always full of laughter
Support 3.a good atmosphere to study



General Statement

Thesis Statement: "Avatar" beat down "The Titanic" and become the most popular movie
on the history because three reasons.
Topic Sentence: The new tachnologies are really the biggest selling point of this movie.
Support: 1. newest 3D technology
2. digital modeling and animation
3. photography projects
4. more than 3000 visual
5. cost more than 300 million dollars
Topic Sentence: The great director, James Cameron, makes a wonderful movie again.
Support: 1. not only a director, but also the writer
2. special imaginary
3. know how to direct a great movie
Topic Sentence: Good actors translate their characters well and become bonuses to the movie.
Support: 1. Sam Worthington (Jake)
2. Zoe Saldana (Neytiri)

3. Stephen Lang (Col. Quaritch)


Jessie - 2/4/10


General statement
Thesis Statements: Three functions make the iPad the most popular item for teenager in 2010.

Body 1
Topic Sentence: Ebook has become a widespread heat after the publish of iPad.
Support 1- IPS
Support 2- Multi-touch
Support 3- iBook

Body 2
Topic Sentence: Although Wi-fi connection is a general, no other’s quilty can compete iPad.
Support 1- mail
Support 2- Youtube
Support 3- Google map

Body 3
Topic Sentence: iPad’s various and considerable amount of apps catch everyone’s eyes.
Support 1- 140,000
Support 2- apps store
Support 3- Keynote, Pages, Numbers



  • Topic: Is it really good for high school students to have boyfriend or girlfriend?
  • Introduction
    General Statements-
    Thesis Statements: There are both good and bad effects to teenagers to have boyfriend or girlfriend at high school time.
  • Body1
    Topic sentence: It is a good chance for the young to learn how to be along with heterosexual.
  • Body2
    Topic sentence: However, most teenagers spend too much time on this puppy love, and impact to their schoolwork.
  • Conclusion-

Anna 2/4/10

topic : School uniforms

General statements:

Thesis Statement: Most of the students in Taiwan wear school uniforms , and there are many reasons for this .

Topic sentence :to recognize the student
Surpport 1: number of students
2:to be responsible for themselves
3:not east to reconize between the rich and poor

Topic sentence: mornig routines much simpler
Surpport 1: late for school
2:nervous in the moring
3:have more time

Topic sentence :to concentrate students' attention on studying
Surpport 1:spend time on shopping
2:more time to study
3:fewer distractions on clothes

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jenny - Revised Paragraph

The most difficult experience I have ever had was acting in public without practice. There was a musical play in my class at school. We practiced every day and tried to do our best to present the personality of each role. The day we had to perform, everyone came. That morning, our director told me that someone needed time to change her clothes, so I needed to think of something to say before our dialogue. But I could not think of anything to say and I thought that it was very strange to say things by myself. When performing, I had no idea what I said for such a long time. Maybe I just read something for the latest newspaper and added some funny things in my lines. After the performance, many people said that the role I played was very funny. But they did not know that I did a improvisational performance at that time.

Charlie - Revised Paragraph

I have always tried to keep myself from crying in the movie theater, but one time I failed. Before that day, I thought that crying during a movie was really shameful. When my friend asked to watch the movie, No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti, I never thought I would cry, although many people said it was a impressive movie. But while I was watching the movie, I was touched by the scenes in the movie. Though I tried my best to keep my tears from falling, I couldnt stop myself from crying when the main character cried out, Society is unfair! After the movie, I found everybody else had tears on their faces. Since that time, I never thought that crying in a theater is embarrassing.

Anna - Revised Paragraph

I had the most difficult experience of my life on a trip to an amusement park. I thought that it was the longest experience I have ever had. On my graduation trip to the amusement park, I was very excited about all the rides. But I was anxious about the rides that were very scary or too exciting. Although I was scared of them, I still rode a ride called The Swinging Pirate Ship. I screamed as loud as I could. Except for the pirate ship I mostly rode the slower rides like the carousel. I really liked one ride that was kind of a roller coaster, but it was in a dark place so you couldnt see anything including the track. It was exciting but not scary. The most scary and the exciting ride I rode was a boat you can that went very high and quickly rushed down and splashed a lot of water on you. At first, I didnt want to get on the boat but my friend said that it was not so scary. When I got on it I regreted it and I screamed and shouted, but it was too late. It went up and I began to close my eyes. Suddenly it went down. When the boat went down, I felt that was the longest time I had ever been on a ride, and I was very wet and cold. It was the most difficult experience of my life, but I think that it will be a good experience in my memory.

Jessie - Revised Paragraph

Cooking food completely is very important, and I suffered great pain to learn this lesson. During cooking class, our team cooked fried oysters. Unfortunately, time went by really fast. By the time we were done, there were only 10 minutes left for us to eat. “Ahh! What kind of disgusting taste is this?” my teammate said, spitting out the first bite immediately. “Are the oysters completely done?” The answer was no, but what choice did we have? We spread the sauce around as mush as possible to cover the raw smell. By midnight, I felt an ache in my belly, like a bear had punched. I visited my bathroom eight times that night and considered putting a pillow down to sleep here. I couldn’t even go to school the next dayI just ran back and forth to the bathroom. All my teammates stayed home that day, too. “That was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of,” said one of them, and we burst out laughing. We learned to cook everything completely by having diarrhea and vomiting for two days. Since then, I have sworn never to touch raw food again.

Nana - Revised Paragraph

Procrastination has always been the thief that robs me of my time. I always put off my homework until Sunday night, and this always makes me very busy the next day. I remember once I put off my work that was assigned on Friday until the next Monday. This made me very busy on that day, because every Monday, we all have a lot of tests. However, I not only have to take the usual tests but I also needed to finish my homework. Every breaktime, I just sat on my seat and wrote constantly. Whats worse, I even couldnt sleep at naptime, because if I had slept, then I really couldnt have finished all my work. It really was a terrible day. Since then, I have tried hard not to put off my tasks for so long. But it still happens on occasion

Kiki - Revised Paragraph

Friends have always played an important roles in my lifeand they have always taught me important lessons.i've been a shy girl who doesn't dare to express herself.But when i got into high school,i was suprised by how my friends could always say out loud how they felt and what they wanted! While they are voicing their opinionss,i'll wonder that why can it be so easy for them but so hardd for me?My best friend always tells me her deepest feelings. She can speak it out just like reading a poem.I love poetry but for me , it's really hard to read aloud.One day she told me that she she wanted to know what i was thinking .She didn't want to be the only one talking.After that , she often gave me some chances to say my opinions. My friends in the "HOT MUSIC CLUB" also give me lot of chances to speak on the stage . With their encouragement, i can now express myself easier than before .And i've found out that it's not that hard to show others who i am .