Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Anna 3/11/10

Do you go to a public school or a private school? Go to private school is much expensive than go to public school. There are more students in public school than in private school, so public school can perform more competitively. Because these reasons, I think go to public school is better than go to private school.

Body 1 Topic: The tuition
The tuition in private school is much expensive than public school, because it was “private”. But public school is established and maintained by the government, and teachers’ salary is paid by government, and many equipments of teaching are subsidized by government. But don’t think the education is worse than private school, the education in these two kinds of school are the same. That’s why the tuition in public school is cheaper.

Body 2 Topic: Perform competitively
In public school, there are many students, for example, there are about 1200 students in a grade in my school. In private school, there are much fewer students than in public school. Competition in public school is very intense, because there are so many students.

I think public school is better than private school, because the tuition, competition, and other reasons. In my opinion, I think private school’s education has nothing different from public school’s education. If you can get the same knowledge from private school or public school, why you have to pay more money to go to the private school?

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