Wednesday, March 10, 2010


In recent decades, many enviornment issue have been more and more serious. Not only about the pollution that make by human, but also the global problems which include global warming.In order to save our home, the only thing we can do is to cut down the pollution and decrease using every thing that might hurt the Earth.
The Earth is sick and very weak now, so we can't continue hurting it. We only have one Earth, it's our only home. Every one who lives on the Earth is responded to save this beautiful, blue, and warm planet. It's time to take action if you don't want to live on the terrible,hot, and dirty planet.

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  1. Your introduction starts well enough, but it isn't as specific as it needs to be. Your thesis should discuss a particular course of action or several smaller goals. "decrease everything" is a bit too broad. Also, your conclusion needs to have a summary of the rest of the essay or a restatement of the thesis. This should be included before your parting comments on the weakness of the Earth.