Wednesday, March 31, 2010

3/25/10 Herman

Can students eat food in thr class? Many students may have this question.But can you image many student eating , drinking and no one pay attention on teacher. That's really rediculous.When you're eating something concentrate on what teacher talking about .Resrticting student's eating right can help student learn mroe thing.

Acorrding to expert's report,your blood will go to your stomach when you're eating there is fewer blood in your brain.You can't concentrate on teacher ,you will miss some inportant idea .You need to spend more time after class.

A lots of student daon't have public spirits.When they finished their food,they just throw trash on the class floor.This terrible behavior makes learing enviorment.Bad enviorment will lead student to unconcentrate.

Maybe restrict student's right will let student angry,but it's good for student.I worth to do.

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