Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Herman 3/4/10

Are you belive God? Some say God is ture ,other say there is no God.This qestion has been discussed for more than 5000 years .No one can give the right anwser.though many atheism take the to bite theism ,but theism people also take miracle to strike back the scentist.As a proverd says "Man proposes and God disposes " We can know human just s little peice in the world ,we can't control everthing in this big world.

Those miracle you can see God is real,and he take care of us .God is kind ,he forgive those guys who don't belive him.Even the great scentist Albert Einstein is also believe God.Why don't those atheism prople throw their oppion away and lie on God hug? They will find how wonderful this world

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  1. Herman, your introduction doesn't really have a clear thesis statement to show people what your essay will be discussing. You need to provide some examples of what you're going to talk about or what themes you will be discussing. Your conclusion could also be helped by restating the thesis statement and including some transitional phrases.