Thursday, March 18, 2010


As opposed to married life, in single life you can decrease the money spent on other categories, such as child’s education, shelters, food and so on. According to the USDA’s study, the cost of raising a child is about $291,570 in middle-income family. With this money, you can improve your life quality and control your financial situation more freely. Single life is really a good way to save money.

It’s much easier to keep your freedom in single life. You can follow your desire (legal, of course) to do whatever you want and nobody would complain to you. Also, if you’re a messy person, you can throw dirty clothes on the floor, leave dirty dishes for a week and live in garbage for eternal. On the contrary, you may get a fight or kick out of the house for these reasons if you have a company. For those faithless people, remain single can switch their lovers day by day and don’t have to worry about employing a layer for divorcing. Being single is definitely a better choice for those who love liberty.

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