Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Imagine walking into a movie. When you're sitting in the theater, you can almost touch the things on the screen. This is 3D. Making movies in 3D is a new kind of film technology nowadays. Watching movies in 3D really enhances the whole viewing experience.

As its 3D technology, 3D movies are not only good for us but also good for the cast and director. It can prevent illegal download because it needs a special 3D-glasses to watch. If you don't put on the 3D-glasses, then you could see nothing but a blur.

3D movie puts emphasis on sight. You could feel that you are just in the movie. Everything in the movie seems like real. You can also see the distance between this and that. Besides, you may have enough sleeping before watching it. Otherwise, you'll feel dazzling after a while.

Watching 3D movie with a large screen in the theater is a wise choice. Though it cost more than normal movies, you can get back more than the value you'd pay. That's why 3D movies are much-anticipated recently.

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