Wednesday, March 10, 2010



You may be surprised to find out that Brangelina rely on a relationship of boyfriend and girlfriend, since they had their third children in 2008. Still, none of them have considered of getting married. In modern world, there is a saying, “Marriage is the tomb of love”. It reflects the reality these days. Study shows that one out of six couples will divorce after married. So why not just remain single? Being single is much better than getting married obviously.


As you can see, being single provides not only freedom and the rise of money caplbility also less risk in the future. Though some people say marriage provides a more stable life, they can cohabit and have children. Without the astrict of marriage, couples can still live a happily-ever-after life as married ones.

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  1. You may consider putting your quote about the "tomb of love" earlier in your introduction and moving the example of Bragelina after it. You should start in a more general way and then move to specific examples. Other than this, there are just a few minor flaws here. Good work!