Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Have you ever lived in the school domitory? If you have, you will know the following statement I show. In the dormitory, you need to do many things by yourself. Take washing clothes for example, other people may only use one finger to wash their clothes, but you need to use your two hands to finish it. Also, you cannot do what you want to do because you are in a group. So you need to follow the rule and do what everyone do instead. It is apparent that there are more shortcomings than benifits for me to live in the dormitory.

You may think that it is convenient for students to go to school without any transportation. But it is inconvenient to buy things you need or go to cram school. And it is boring to do things in a same pattern every night. If it is alright for the distance, I would rather live in home than live in the dormitory.

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  1. Good job with your introduction and conclusion, Jenny. You make the transition nicely. Watch out for a few spelling and grammatical mistakes, but otherwise a fine job.