Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Abolishing the death penalty or not has been a very important issue these days. According to The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, people should have the right to live on, but when it comes to the victim or the families of the victims, it became a problem that cannot be solved easily by a single statute. In my opinion, I'll say that keeping the death penalty is the right choice.

Penalties not just tell people the way to solve legal issues, but also be the warning of people not to do bad things. It tells the price of your behavior. Without the serious punishments, the law would be merely papers, it'll lose the power to control people's behave.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights says that the people have the right to live. But what about the victims' right? And if a person is life imprisoned, he/she still has the chance to be paroled, what about the publican's right to live and safety? It might be not humane, but a crime that caused the criminal to be sentenced death penalty might not be kind and gentle, either.

Somebody says that in the view of economic, executing cost more money than confining he/she in jail for the rest of his/her life. Indeed, the process of litigation cost money. But in my opinion, I'll rather pay more money to execute a vicious murderer, than pay less money to feed him/her, making sure his/her safety and health, waiting for he/she be paroled.

An eye for an eye, a life for a life. The death penalty is merely the price that you should pay for your crime. To those who always carry "humanity", "human's rights", well you could go talk about these with the victims' family. :)

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