Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kiki - Revised Paragraph

Friends have always played an important roles in my lifeand they have always taught me important lessons.i've been a shy girl who doesn't dare to express herself.But when i got into high school,i was suprised by how my friends could always say out loud how they felt and what they wanted! While they are voicing their opinionss,i'll wonder that why can it be so easy for them but so hardd for me?My best friend always tells me her deepest feelings. She can speak it out just like reading a poem.I love poetry but for me , it's really hard to read aloud.One day she told me that she she wanted to know what i was thinking .She didn't want to be the only one talking.After that , she often gave me some chances to say my opinions. My friends in the "HOT MUSIC CLUB" also give me lot of chances to speak on the stage . With their encouragement, i can now express myself easier than before .And i've found out that it's not that hard to show others who i am .

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