Wednesday, March 10, 2010


In some restaurants, foods are much expensive than other places only because they use the organically grown vegetables, instead of tasting more delicious. Though these meals cost more than its normal counterpart, many people are still willing to pay the price to get these foods. There is an old saying,"you get what you pay for." Organic foods are surely better than the tranditionally grown ones.

As you can see, there are many benefits to have the organic foods. Some people may complain about the higher cost of the orginic foods and choose the normal ones as they perfer without consider . If it is alright for the price, why not pay more but get the foods that are healthier and make less impact to the enviroment?

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  1. You should perhaps start with this quote: "There is an old saying,"you get what you pay for." This is more broad and should begin rather than close your introduction. Also, rather than saying "traditionally grown" you should probably say non-organic or commercially grown or something like that.
    Other than these two minor problems, you have a fine intro and conclusion here with good connections between them.